Sharing or Co-Parenting A Pet + Bonus  Child's Edition

Roll over, Rover! Sharing a pet with your guy-or girlfriend? Is someone else caring for your pet while you're away? Adopting a pet for your child? These two agreements come as a set and help you clarify both parties' responsibilities and expectations.

This is one of 17 agreements from the guidebook Better Than A Handshake: The Printed Promise. It includes an extra agreement for children to learn how to take responsibility for their pet.

The agreement includes:
  • Sample Invitation to discuss and fill in this agreement. 
  • Printed promises (your commitments)
  • Smart questions that prompt actions and anticipate outcomes
  • Ability to customize to your specific situation
  • Downloadable, easy to use, fillable PDF
  • Additional support material, i.e., schedules and attachments
  • Agreement download emailed to you directly upon purchase
  • Professional, yet friendly, design

Please note: for best results filling out the PDF document electronically, download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free on your device, and open the document using that program.

If you are interested in the agreement with the additional educational introduction including how to use the agreement, you can find it here

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