Can't I find agreements like this for free online?

You can, we've seen them. They are formal however, usually in legal speak and typed up in Times New Roman in Word. Not recommended for use with a friend or loved one. A purchase from Practical Approach gives you access to a professionally-designed PDF that has been researched by experts who care passionately about the subjects considered. Plus, we're here to help you! If you need a hand with the agreement in any way, you can always ask.

I downloaded an agreement but can’t find it. Where did it go?

Every web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) handles downloads differently. Depending on your browser’s settings, the agreement may open automatically or may simply be downloaded to a folder on your computer (usually the Downloads folder). If you can’t find your agreement in your Downloads folder, check your browser settings to see if downloads are being saved to another folder. If so, check there. If you still can’t find the agreement, please contact us for further assistance.

What application should I use to open and use the agreement?

We recommend using the latest version of Adobe Reader. To download the latest version, go here.

Why would I sign a written agreement with a friend or family member?

We certainly understand that asking somebody close to you to sign a written agreement is not an easy thing to do. You may think it causes the trust of the relationship to come into question. Deborah was asked this specific question on an interview (it's the first question asked), so check out the clip below. If you have any concerns about entering into the agreement, we'd love to hear from you... just email  

Are the agreements legally binding?

Nothing on this site should be considered legal advice. Courts and states have different laws with respect to written agreements. You should consult with an attorney regarding such issues. Generally speaking, however, written and signed agreements are helpful in court if you are trying to prove the existence of an agreement.

What do I use the sample cover letter that comes with the agreement for?

Sometimes, but not always, entering into an agreement calls for a more formal/traditional approach. That’s why we provided a free agreement sample cover letter for you to use to begin the dialogue with the person you are entering into the agreement with. 

What do I get here that I can’t find in the book?

Most of the agreements that you will find in the book are also available here. We will continually be updating our online catalogue of agreements and offering web exclusives. In addition, the PDF downloadable agreements can be filled out on a computer and are overall easier to use.

What credit cards do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover (isn't that all of them?)

How do I use the agreement after I download it?

If, for example, you purchased the The Lending Money Agreement and you are the one providing the money, you can fill out all the information in the PDF itself, print it, and then have your friend or family member sign it.

If the agreement you purchased is of a more collaborative nature, like The Roommate Agreement, we suggest that you print it out and set a date with your friend or family member to review it.