Family and Friends Matter!

From personal experience, I know that our most important relationships can be upset or even broken because of a misunderstanding, miscommunication, or a lack of clarity over something we thought was “a given.” That’s why I created a book and set of agreements that help you take a practical approach in navigating some of life’s most personal and emotionally complicated situations. I ask that you  consider possible outcomes, ask the right questions, and provide guidelines in an easy-to-understand and user friendly format. I feel that honesty, clarity and commitment with documentation goes a long way in keeping our relationships sound and happy.

Meet the Author

Hi, I'm Deborah Hutchison a problem solver, former teacher, published author, and award-winning filmmaker. I sit on the Board of William Woods University on their executive committee. Throughout my adult life, I have felt the need for a way to communicate honestly and clearly when dealing with family members and friends. To that end, I has created “Better than a Handshake -The Printed Promise,” a non-emotional guidebook of agreements for personal transactions among family and friends.

My interests include empowering females through Gutsy Gals Inspire Me (an online community of women of all ages who convene to inspire and be inspired), fundraising, family, and G.G. (my dear sweet, Chinese Crested).


Meet the Team

Meet Naomi Rosenberg, Editor in Chief for Family and Friend Agreements.




Shannon Hunihan is a passionate creative, who loves bringing people's ideas and dreams to life. She is responsible for bringing the Family and Friend Agreements brand to life through graphic design and her experience in digital publishing and websites. Her favorite agreement is Loves Logistics, as she has shared it with several friends who are engaged to be married and it has significantly helped their pre-marital relationships!


Brooke Pearson is our social media marketing guru! She is finishing her degree at Palm Beach Atlantic University this fall, and is a talented aspiring artist.