Better Than A Handshake: The Printed Promise, A Guidebook of Family & Friend Agreements. 

Have a say in your life when a family member or friend's request deserves a businesslike response. Access the entire collection of 17 agreements, in this non-fillable PDF version of Better Than A Handshake: The Printed Promise. The downloadable format allows you access to the entire collection in your browser, Adobe Acrobat, or downloaded as a file on a smart device of your choosing. Print any agreement of your choosing with a click of a button, and have access to all of the information you need for your next conversation with family or friends. 

Along with all of our agreements, you will receive 30 pages of additional information, which include real life stories, instructions and advice for achieving your goals as well as an introductory chapter to each agreement. 

The agreement includes:

  • Sample Invitation to discuss and fill in this agreemen
  • Printed promises (your commitments)
  • Smart questions that prompt actions and anticipate outcomes
  • Ability to customize to your specific situation
  • Additional support material, i.e., schedules and attachments
  • Agreement download emailed to you directly upon purchase
  • Professional, yet friendly, design

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