An agreement for the adult siblings caring for aging parents. 

This agreement invites your family members to participate in the care of your elderly parents. It encourages the fair division of responsibilities, giving each of you valuable time with your loved one(s). It also addresses primary-caregiver support. With this agreement in hand, what might otherwise have seemed a burden can become memorable moments for your family.

What's included in your agreement:

  • Sample Invitation Message
  • Printed promise
  • Smart questions that prompt actions and anticipate outcomes
  • Ability to customize agreements to your specific situation
  • Downloadable, easy-to-use fillable PDF
  • Additional support material, i.e., charts and schedules
  • Agreement package mailed to you instantly via email upon purchase
  • Professional, yet friendly, design

Sisters, Liz and Deborah, discussing how they used this agreement to care for their late mother.

Forty-one percent of the [71 million] baby boomers who have a living parent are helping care for them — with personal aid, financial help or both. — according to a USA TODAY/ABC News/Gallup Poll


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