An agreement for the growing population of adult children moving back home.

Setting limits, defining  boundaries, agreeing to household responsibilities, rent, overnight guests, and other unique family considerations make for a harmonious move back home. 

Here's what you get:

  • Sample Invitation Message
  • Printed promise
  • Smart questions that prompt actions and anticipate outcomes
  • Ability to customize agreements to your specific situation
  • Downloadable, easy-to-use, fillable PDF
  • Additional support material, i.e., charts and schedules
  • Agreement package mailed to you instantly upon purchase
  • Professional, yet friendly, design

Nikki and her mom, Liz, give a testimonial about using this agreement...

"The agreement was extremely helpful and it really transformed our family communications. I'm so grateful you shared this with us. I think this will be so good for families." — Janice Knight, author, cooking instructor, parent

"Parents may need to be reminded that when adult children return to the nest, the parent/child relationship is different than what it was when the children were, well, children." — Grant McIntyre


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