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An agreement for parents to ensure your teen's safety behind the wheel.

Help ensure your teen's safety on the road with this agreement and create clear expectations and guidelines about their driving privilege.

Be sure to check out this demonstration to see a sample agreement in use.

What's included in your agreement:

  • Professional yet friendly design
  • Sample introductory letter to start the dialogue 
  • Smart questions that prompt action and consider outcomes
  • Ability to customize and tailor to your unique situation
  • 10 page downloadable, easy-to-use fillable PDF
  • Letter size available for individual agreement
  • Agreement sent instantly via email 

Watch Judge Lynn Toler from Divorce Court introduce this agreement...

Teen driver crashes are the leading cause of death for our nation's youth. The overwhelming majority of these crashes are caused by inexperience or distractions, not "thrill-seeking" or deliberate risk-taking. 

Source: Accident Analysis and Prevention, 2003. 35: p. 921-925


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