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Love Logistics: An agreement for love and relationships.

Note: This agreement is a web exclusive and not found in the Put It in Writing book.

Are you thinking about getting married? Are you moving in with the person you love? Do you want to give your relationship a leg up?

Every one knows that communication is key to a good relationship. The problem is we often don’t talk about all the right things, especially in the beginning. The Love and Relationship Agreement is a guide to that all-important conversation. It raises the issues research shows couples should, but often fail, to discuss. The Love and Relationship Agreement not only helps you start that conversation but also helps establish a pattern of continued communication you can use throughout your relationship.

Be sure to check out this demonstration to see a sample agreement in use. 

What's included in your agreement:

  • Professional yet friendly design
  • Extended introduction to help you through the agreement
  • Thorough, research-driven examination of topics important to a relationship
  • Sample introductory letter to start the dialogue 
  • Smart questions that prompt action and consider outcomes
  • Ability to customize and tailor to your unique situation
  • 19 page downloadable, easy-to-use fillable PDF
  • Letter size available for individual agreement
  • Additional support material, e.g., a Household Responsibilities and Dynamic Basic Household Budget worksheets
  • Agreement sent instantly via email after purchase 

Watch Judge Lynn Toler from Divorce Court introduce this agreement...


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