"All You Need is Love" ..... But Is It That Simple?

Deborah Hutchison


All relationships take work. But committed lifetime relationships take a lot of work (and love too!) Combining two lives into one is a process. When two people move in together, marry, or otherwise commit to one another, they may not think past how good the other person makes them feel - they want to enjoy the moment, that great love buzz, and not have their relationship feel like work.

A Roadmap to Forever: Love's Logistics Agreement provides couples with the tools for working together to explore and discuss the important questions all successful, long-term couples must ultimately answer. For example: Where will we live? What will our life together look like? Do each of us want children? What are our individual views on religion? How do we each deal with money? 

The most important element of a successful union is good communication. Unfortunately, too often we don't start talking until something already has gone wrong. Wouldn't it make more sense to discuss the things that can cause trouble in a relationship and come to some compromise on these issues before making a long term commitment?  By choosing to take the proactive approach, you and your partner are demonstrating to each other your love and desire to work together on one of the most important relationships you will probably ever have. 

Take a "Sane Approach to an Emotional Issue" and give our agreement a try!


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