Getting Married? Never too early to consider "The Mother-in-law" Agreement!

Deborah Hutchison

A Sane Approach/Family and Friends Agreements does not, in fact, have a Mother-in-Law Agreement. But the notion has been suggested to us enough times as the traditional wedding season approaches that we thought - Why Not?

The Family and Friends Agreements offer clear guidelines to help individuals clarify potentially emotional situations, reducing the chance of heated arguments and hurt feelings. 

Our Blank Agreement for Any Arrangement is the perfect template for any number of person situations - even between a new mother-in-law and son/daughter-in-law! Our blank agreement helps identify the nature of the agreement, the goals and obligations, and how you will communicate. Finally there is room for special circumstances or requirements.

So if you are faced with a potentially stressful or challenging emotional situation within a personal relationship, why not download our blank agreement? This simple form will help you take the steps needed to preserve those relationships that are most important to you. 

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