Dad, Can I Have the Keys to the Car? Teen Safe Driving Agreement

Deborah Hutchison

One day you're coaching your kid's 2nd grade soccer team, and the next, it seems, they want the keys to the car. Where does the time go?

Eventually the day comes for parents when their child has passed their driver's test and is ready to get behind the wheel of the car. Its an exciting moment, but also one that requires parents to set some ground rules. 

The Family and Friends Safe Driving Agreement between Parents and Teens provides clear, helpful guidelines for establishing expectations. While it is geared towards supporting the needs of parents to set the rules for the new driver, it also clarifies for both parties when the teen can ask for help - before a difficult or potentially dangerous situation arises.

For example, how many friends is your child allowed to have as passengers in the car, and what happens if one of these friends spills food all over the back seat?  What happens if the teen realizes they are too tired to drive, or becomes ill? What about smoking in the car, or cell phone use? By bringing these issues up in advance, both parents and children can avoid arguments and misunderstandings, as well as potentially dangerous situations involving the use of the family car.

Like all Family & Friends Agreements, the Safe Driving Agreement is downloadable and can be printed and signed as a contract - or, it may simply be used as a basis for an open discussion, allowing both parties to enjoy this important transition in the life of a young adult.

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