Now Whose Job Is It To Clean Up After the New Puppy Everyone Wanted?

Deborah Hutchison

Your daughter is desperate to get a puppy, and promises she will dutifully walk the dog before and after school. Your ex-husband wants visitation rights to the cats. You are thinking about adopting an African Grey parrot, and your sister and brother-in-law have agreed to care for the bird when you go away on business trips. However, your sister has pointed out, "Don't those birds live to be 100? I am not going to be taking care of a parrot when I'm a doddering old lady!"

The Family & Friends Shared Pet/Pet Parenting Agreement will help you consider what you are ready and willing to take on before you commit to pet ownership. And if your love for your pet should outlive your relationship with partner or spouse .... the Shared Pet Parenting Agreement will also help to clarify arrangements to share time and responsibilities for the pet you both love, going forward.

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