Is That My Favorite Blouse You're Wearing?

Deborah Hutchison

The Roommate Agreement. Graduating from college was incredibly exciting, but even better was the fact that you and your best friend Ashley had both gotten jobs in the same city right away. Of course you were going to share an apartment -- you knew each other so well, had the same taste in friends, clothes, both liked to go out at night. It would be great!

But within a few weeks there was trouble. You agreed to pay more, since you'd taken the bigger bedroom, with the bigger closet. But then Ashley asked if she could hang just a few things in your closet -- how could you say no?- - and before long not only was your room a storage place for her things, but she'd picked up this bad habit of "borrowing" some of your clothes when she was in there looking for her stuff.

And on top of this, you weren't crazy about her new boyfriend. The last straw came when you arrived home after a tough day at work, and there he was drinking a beer in your living room! She'd given him his own key without telling you!

Sharing living space -- whether an apartment or a home- - is a wonderful way to share expenses and share good company too. And it can make sense at any time of life, whether you're just getting out of college, or looking to save on living expenses later in life. The Friends & Family Roommate Agreement is a practical and courteous way to clarify the needs and expectations of both parties considering becoming roommates so that this relationship can be as positive and enjoyable as you had both hoped - and not become a nuclear meltdown waiting to happen.









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